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No matter where you live or how modest your abilities, anyone from any of the islands are welcome. Build Bahamian is for digital citizens & residents who have technology ideas, or web/mobile skills, who want to make a difference.


A social network for Bahamians to showcase, and discover local talent across the islands.

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A way for government, public bodies, and private companies to reach skilled people.

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Somewhere to debate and scrutinize ideas, as well as provide valuable feedback.

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A place to suggest answers to problems and put your technological mind forward.

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Build Bahamian is a way to bring us together to create new things.

The Islands of the Bahamas are bursting with digital talent. It surrounds us everywhere. Everyone knows someone with an idea how to use technology to solve a problem, or looking for a problem their expertise can solve.

They're next door, on Meetup, on Facebook, in university, or trading alt-coins at night. Occasionally at conferences, and often overseas.

The Port Authority's mission is To Better The Lives Of The Grand Bahama Community, And By Extension, The Bahamas, Through The Unique Features Offered By Our Island. Build Bahamian is a network to benefit all of us, by bringing the digital community together to innovate and share their passion for the potential of the best little country in the world.

Diversity Unified Towards a Single Goal

— The Bahamas as the digital paradise of the world.

Imaging, Multimedia, UI/UX, AR/VR

Accessibility Specialists, Computer Graphics Animators, Front-end Developers, Graphic Designers, Interaction Designers, UI Designers...

Photoshop Retouchers, CAD Designers, VR Specialists, Game Developers, Colourists, Data Modelers, Cross-Platform Specialists...

CTOs, Engineers, Programmers, Testers

iOS/Android Developers, Cloud Product Managers, Database Administrators, DevOps Managers, Backend Developers, API Designers...

Perl Hackers, IoT Mad Scientists, Network SysAdmins, Cybersecurity OSCPs, Coders, Tech Support, Software Builders, Web Devs...

Content, SEO, Social Media, Accessibility

Copywriters, Analytics Watchers, Creative Directors, Email Marketers, Brand Managers, Marketing Technologists, SEO Consultants...

Online Advertisers, Loyalty Trackers, Reputation Supervisors, Keyword Analysts, Sales Support Technicians, Media Buyers...

Entrepreneurs, Analysis, Architecture, Growth

Big Data Miners, Data Scientists, Project Managers, Business Development Executives, Consultants, Pattern Trackers, Database Admins...

Visionaries, Accelerators, High Availability Engineers, e-Fufilment Specialists, Blockchain Academics, Public Officials, Global Recruiters...

Governance, Management, Direction, Capital

Ministers, Officials, Venture Capitalists, CEOs, COOs, Angels, Financial Advisors, Regulators, Board Members, Auditors, Incubators...

If you have privacy concerns about joining Build Bahamian, please contact GBPA so we can assist you.